How Mento hired their Director of Engineering using Draftboard quickly after months of looking

Streamlining Talent Acquisition: How Mento Leveraged Draftboard's Network to Secure Their Next Hire
March 5, 2024
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About Mento

Mento helps you get what you want out of your job and career. As career paths are rapidly evolving, people need new ways to navigate and manage the workplace. Mento is a career tech company focused on changing how employees and employers interact by providing people with more support, tools, and resources to better manage their careers, their salaries and their daily work.

Their Challenge

Mento faced a significant challenge in filling the Director of Engineering role. Despite actively searching through various channels such as AngelList, LinkedIn, and their venture capital firms, they struggled to find suitable candidates. After three months of unsuccessful attempts and receiving hundreds of applications, Mento found themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of low-quality resumes. This made the hiring process not only time-consuming but also inefficient, as they had to sift through many unqualified applicants.

Enter DraftBoard

Faced with this challenge, Mento turned to Draftboard for a solution. Draftboard's platform offered a curated pool of pre-vetted candidates, which immediately appealed to Mento. By leveraging Draftboard, Mento was able to streamline their hiring process significantly. Instead of spending hours sorting through resumes, they now had access to a list of qualified candidates from Draftboard’s network of Scouts, saving valuable time and resources. Moreover, Draftboard seamlessly integrated with Greenhouse, Mento's existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS), further simplifying the onboarding.

The Hire

Within a matter of days, Mento found the perfect candidate: Kevin. Kevin was referred by a Draftboard Scout who used to work with him,  and upon evaluation, it was evident that he was a perfect fit for the role. As Kevin seamlessly transitioned into his new role, Mento has been thrilled with his early contributions to the team, solidifying the success of their partnership with Draftboard.

“Draftboard took away the need for a recruiter at a small start-up, helping us streamline the process, saving me valuable time, and eventually leading me to hire the right candidate”.
Alex Marcus, CEO of Mento
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