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Referral bonuses are for everyone - including you.

Your network is valuable - and companies want access to it. Get paid up to $10,000 for every new hire you refer.

The power is in your hands - are you ready?
Unleash the power of your network
Earn referral bonuses by sharing jobs with the most talented people you know.
You’ve spent decades building your network - friends from school, former colleagues, and that kid you went to kindergarten with.

This year send them more than a holiday card.
Start referring
Our Scouts can’t get enough of Draftboard
Hila Bakshi
Tech Ecosystem Leader
I love when products have perfectly aligned incentives, and that's what Draftboard has. My network gets access to incredible roles; companies get access to my network; I get rewarded for making matches. It's a win-win-win.
Lizzy Brenner
Director of Growth Marketing
People constantly ask me if I know of any open jobs - Draftboard is the first product that actually allows me to help them - and rewards me for it!
Noa Bloch
"I've often found it frustrating that the job market can be daunting and inaccessible for some. Then I heard about Draftboard at the same time my close friend was looking for a job. In <10 seconds I connected them. 3 months later I got a check for $5,000. It literally doesn’t get easier to help others find a great opportunity"
Shai Sober
Solutions Lead
"My last company laid off some of the smartest people I've ever met, and simply applying to jobs online endlessly wasn't working for them. Draftboard changed that - I referred one of them to Mento and weeks later he was hired as their Director of Engineering. 20 seconds of work and Mento got a great new employee, my friend got a new role, and I got rewarded. I can't wait to see who my next match will be!"
Scouts come in all shapes and sizes
Meet Jackie
“I have so many great candidates and not enough roles. Draftboard is the solution I've been waiting for!”
Meet Scott
Runs a 1,000+ WhatsApp group
“My members get an inside line to the best jobs, and I can use the earnings to grow the group even more. It’s a win-win.”
Meet Alex
Super connector
"I love making introductions, and now I can get paid for it— it’s a no-brainer. “
Meet John
“My last company just laid off incredible people - Draftboard is how I’m helping them find their next gig.”
Unleash the power of your network
Browse open roles
Share with your network in seconds
Review Applications
Earn Reputation
Get Paid
Find a role
Scan Draftboard’s open roles to find the perfect one for your candidate. Draftboard works with all types of companies and roles within tech, meaning we have something for everyone.
Share the role
In one click, share the role directly with candidates using a unique referral link. Clicking the link directs candidates to the job application on the Draftboard site - they fill out it just like they would on any other job site.
Review Applications
A Scout’s job is to review applications before they are sent to the hiring company. Once you approve an application, Draftboard forwards it to the company and you can keep track of the status in your dashboard.
Earn Reputation
As your applicants move through the interview funnel, you’ll build your Reputation Score. The further along your applicants get, the higher your score. High scores get your referrals more visibility.
Congrats! One Signal paid you $2,500 for
your referral of Johanna Henderson.
Get Paid
Your candidate got hired - congrats! Once their probation period ends we’ll simply deposit your earnings into the bank account you’ve provided.
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