Streamlining Talent Acquisition: Mealco's Success Story with Draftboard

Transforming Recruitment Efficiency: How Mealco Found Top Talent with Draftboard
March 20, 2024
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New York City

About Mealco

Mealco is a technology platform dedicated to democratizing the restaurant industry. Honored by Time's Best Innovation of 2022, Mealco seamlessly bridges the gap between the world's top creators and their passionate fans through its proprietary technology and growing network of restaurants.

Mealco's Challenge

Mealco faced the common hurdle of sorting through a flood of applications to find qualified candidates for their Director of Operations role. Before leveraging Draftboard, they had already spent weeks in their recruitment efforts. They amassed a total of 100 applications, 93 of which were sourced from various platforms, including school career centers, personal networks, and venture partners. However, they encountered the recurring issue of a majority of these applications being of low quality, making the hiring process arduous and time-consuming.

Enter Draftboard

Turning to Draftboard proved to be a game-changer for Mealco. Unlike other platforms, Draftboard provided them with a curated pool of candidates that better aligned with their requirements, significantly improving the quality of applicants. Notably, Draftboard excelled in sourcing mid-level to senior candidates according to Mealco, offering Mealco a higher ratio of viable candidates per resume reviewed. With Draftboard's intuitive platform and proactive support, Mealco found themselves saving valuable time and effort in the recruitment process.

The Hire

Brian emerged as the ideal candidate for Mealco's role, boasting a wealth of experience in operations and customer success within venture-backed companies. Throughout the rigorous interview process at Mealco, Brian showcased the requisite skills and a profound alignment with the company's values. His adeptness in handling multifaceted challenges and his genuine demeanor resonated well with the interviewers, leading to unanimous agreement on his suitability for the position.

Moreover, Mealco's ongoing partnership with Draftboard extends beyond this successful hire. Currently, they are in the final stages of evaluating candidates for another position, with Draftboard once again providing top-tier candidates despite receiving fewer resumes compared to other platforms. The seamless integration of Draftboard into Mealco's recruitment process has not only facilitated Brian's recruitment but also promises continued success in acquiring top talent for future roles.

"Draftboard revolutionized our hiring at Mealco. With their curated talent pool, we found a stellar addition. They continue to deliver top-tier candidates. If you're serious about building a high-performing team, Draftboard is the solution."
Daniel Simon, Founder & CEO
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