Transform Your Hiring Process: Auto-Pilot Talent Sourcing Without Compromising on Quality

Discover how Draftboard can revolutionize your talent acquisition strategy with seamless, high-quality automation.

June 14, 2024
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Sam Goldberg
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Sourcing talent for open roles sucks. Post a job on LinkedIn & get 100’s of applications. How do you go through all of them.
Share a job on your website but get no site traffic, how does anyone hear of you?
There are so many scenarios where finding the right candidate is time-consuming and complicated when it shouldn’t be.

Finding the right candidates quickly and efficiently often requires extensive time and resources, which many companies struggle to spare.

 This is where the concept of automating talent sourcing comes into play. By leveraging platforms like Draftboard, companies can simplify their hiring process, allowing their jobs to be shared widely through a network of scouts (many of them are recruiters as well!).

The best part? Draftboard scouts are rated based on the quality of candidates they submit, ensuring that you can always trust the caliber of applicants.

Understanding Automated Talent Sourcing

Automating your talent sourcing refers to the use of technology to streamline and optimize the process of finding and engaging potential candidates. In this case, Draftboard uses the referral bonus you’re willing to pay to hire a candidate as a way to entice anyone to share your jobs with their network.

By crowdsourcing your candidates, it can lead to faster hiring times, reduced costs, and the ability to reach a broader pool of candidates.

However, some misconceptions persist, particularly around the notion that this might lead to a compromise in candidate quality.

Contrary to these beliefs, our reputation score ranking ensures companies always receive high-quality candidates.

What Do We Mean by Automate Your Talent Sourcing?

Draftboard's platform exemplifies what it means to automate talent sourcing effectively. With Draftboard, the days of manually reaching out to candidates are over. Instead, qualified candidates come to you. Draftboard automates job postings and referrals, integrating seamlessly with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to streamline the entire process. If you don’t have an ATS, Draftboard still ensures a smooth operation by managing the referrals and applications directly on its platform.

The process is simple yet powerful: once a job is posted, Draftboard scouts share it within their networks. These scouts, motivated by referral bonuses, actively seek out and refer high-quality candidates. 

Benefits of Using Draftboard for Automated Talent Sourcing

No In-House Recruiters or Team?

With Draftboard, there’s no need to hire additional recruitment staff or pay exorbitant agency fees. The platform is free for companies; you only pay the referral bonus if you hire a candidate referred by a scout. This pay-for-success model is not only cost-effective but also ensures that you are only paying for tangible results.

Have an In-House Recruiter or Team?

Draftboard still offers significant benefits, including substantial time savings and increased efficiency for HR teams. By automating the initial stages of talent sourcing, your team can focus on more strategic aspects of hiring, such as interviews and final candidate assessments.

Maintaining Quality in Automated Sourcing

One of the biggest concerns with putting your talent sourcing on auto-pilot is maintaining the quality of candidates. Draftboard addresses this concern head-on. The platform ensures high-quality candidate referrals by leveraging a network of rated scouts. These scouts are evaluated based on the performance and feedback of their candidates, creating a system that prioritizes quality over quantity.

Draftboard’s ecosystem is designed to foster excellence. Scouts are incentivized to refer only the best candidates, as their ratings directly impact their ability to earn future referral bonuses. This ensures a continuous stream of high-quality applicants for companies using the platform.


We’ll leave you with this: Companies dream of having their sales lead be inbound leads. Why not have the same experience with candidates for your open roles?

Automating your talent sourcing process with Draftboard offers numerous benefits, from significant time and cost savings to ensuring high-quality hires. We turn your talent sourcing on autopilot without compromising on quality. As you look to future hiring needs, consider the advantages of automated sourcing and how it can revolutionize your recruitment strategy. With Draftboard, you can achieve seamless, efficient, and high-quality hiring like never before.

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