Tips on Getting your CV passed an ATS Scanner

Increase your odds by following this tricks when applying within Draftboard

May 5, 2024
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Zach Roseman
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In today's fast-paced job market, your resume is your first impression. Recruiters spend just six seconds scanning each one, so it's crucial to make it count. @Wonsulting recently conducted a fascinating experiment, applying to 100 companies with a carefully crafted CV template to see how formatting impacts applicant success.

We thought it would be a great idea to touch upon the experiment, add our take and provide our scouts & candidates with even more tips to succeed in getting that first interview.

Experiment Details:

CV Submitted

Take a look at the CV displayed above. What catches your eye at first glance? It's a neatly formatted CV, featuring experience at Instagram, Google, and Amazon, as well as attendance at Stanford University.

Seems impressive, doesn't it? That's the impression most people, including recruiters whose responsibility is to interview candidates, get at first glance.

Now, examine the CV more closely. What details stand out to you?

Highlighted CV Submitted

Take a close look at the highlighted information. Would you still consider giving this person an interview? This highlights how recruiters typically don't read much of your CV initially, as no one with such a CV should land an interview.

Despite the inappropriate language, fabricated degrees, and other red flags intentionally included to demonstrate his point, this fictitious candidate surprisingly secured 29 interviews out of the 100 jobs he applied to, as shown below.


He scored interviews at companies of various sizes, proving that this "6-second rule" applies across the board, whether the company is big, medium, or small.

Moving on to the next topic, let's talk about the hidden eye tracking experiment with recruiters. They tend to read resumes in an F-shaped pattern, focusing on certain key elements:

  • Making sure your resume has a professional and polished appearance (like the template provided earlier).
  • Including numbers in at least 80% of your bullet points.
  • Using clear and descriptive job titles.

Eye Tracking on CVs

So, it's no surprise that recruiters tend to focus on recognizable company names in the first few seconds of reviewing a resume. This initial impression often determines whether a candidate moves forward to the next stage of the hiring process, like snagging that all-important first interview.

What does this mean for you, and how does it relate to Draftboard? Well, it suggests that keeping your resume format simple and strong is key. Your resume's top section should pack a punch, grabbing attention right away.

Now, picture this: You've crafted a CV template that's ATS-friendly and designed to catch the eye of recruiters. With the added bonus of a referral through Draftboard, you could boost your chances of landing that crucial first interview by up to five times. Sounds pretty amazing, right? That's the power of using Draftboard for your job applications.

Scouts, here's a tip: If you know someone who's job hunting, lend them a hand by helping to improve their resume quality.

And if you're a candidate without a scout to refer you, don't worry! Simply spot a job you're interested in, and ask a friend to sign up for Draftboard to refer you. You both get to enjoy the referral bonus!

Keep these pointers in mind for your next job application!

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