Empowering Your Network: Helping Friends Land Dream Jobs

Transforming Lives Through Referrals and Connections

May 3, 2024
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Zach Roseman
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The frantic job search. Endless applications vanish into the online abyss. Days spent refreshing inboxes, yearning for that elusive interview invite. It's a demoralizing process, and statistics paint a bleak picture – the average interview rate from online applications sits around a measly 5%. That's a 95% chance of your application being lost in the shuffle. Who would willingly put themselves through such a gauntlet?

Yet, the job search persists. The desire for a fulfilling career and financial security compels us to persevere. But what if there was a way to dramatically improve your odds of success, not just for yourself, but for your friends and network as well?

This is where Draftboard steps in. Here, you can transform from a passive job seeker into a Scout, a champion who actively connects qualified candidates with fantastic opportunities. By leveraging your existing network of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, you can significantly increase their chances of landing that coveted first interview.

On Draftboard, the playing field is leveled.  Candidates referred by Scouts have a 25% chance of getting an interview, a fivefold increase compared to traditional platforms. That's a significant shift in the odds, and it all starts with you, the Scout, becoming a powerful advocate for your network.

Spreading the Word Like a Pro: Strategies for Effective Sharing

The key to success as a Scout lies in effectively sharing open positions within your network. While fancy marketing tactics can be enticing, sometimes the simplest approach is best. A well-timed text message or a direct link shared through your preferred messaging app (WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.) can put a relevant job opportunity right in front of your friend's eyes.

For bulk sharing, Draftboard offers the Job Boards feature (formerly Watchlists). This powerful tool allows you to curate a collection of targeted jobs specifically tailored to the skills and interests of your network. With a single shareable link, you can save your connections valuable time and effort by presenting them with a pre-selected pool of high-quality opportunities.

Social media can also be a valuable tool in your scouting arsenal. While LinkedIn is a natural starting point due to its professional focus, some Scouts have discovered unexpected success in more specific online communities.  Imagine sharing a graphic design opening in a basketball Discord chat – a perfect example of tapping into unexpected, but potentially fruitful, talent pools. Alumni networks, niche industry forums, or even Slack groups can all be hunting grounds for qualified candidates seeking their next big break.

Engaging Your Network: Beyond Just Sharing Links

Being a successful Scout goes beyond simply blasting out job links. To maximize your impact and ensure a strong fit for both candidate and company, consider these additional steps:

  • Personalize Your Message: A generic "Hey, saw this job..." message might get lost in the noise. Take a moment to personalize your outreach by highlighting specific aspects of the job that might appeal to your contact. Did they recently mention an interest in learning a new skill? Find an opening that aligns with their goals.
  • Be an Information Hub: Stay informed! Regularly check Draftboard for fresh opportunities, and familiarize yourself with the details of each job you share. This allows you to answer questions your network might have and provide valuable context about the position and company.
  • The Power of Two: Partner up with a like-minded friend and create a collaborative Job Board. By pooling your knowledge and networks, you can curate a more comprehensive selection of jobs, attracting a wider range of candidates.
  • Quality Control is Key: Remember, applications submitted through your link require your approval/rejection. Reviewing candidate profiles ensures a good fit for both the individual and the company, increasing the chances of a successful interview and placement.
  • Stay Connected: The job search can be a long and emotional journey. Offer encouragement and support to your network throughout the process. A friendly message can make a world of difference during a stressful interview period.

The Ultimate Reward: The Joy of Shared Success

The potential referral bonuses associated with Draftboard are certainly a perk, but the true reward lies in the deeper sense of fulfillment that comes from helping others achieve their career aspirations. When a close friend lands their dream job through your network, the satisfaction is unmatched. You played a vital role in their journey, opening doors and facilitating their success.

Draftboard empowers you to become a career matchmaker, connecting friends, colleagues, and acquaintances with their perfect professional fit. Join the community, build your network, and experience the joy of helping others thrive. After all, success is sweeter when shared.

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