How You Can Earn Referral Bonuses Too: Supercharge Your Earnings with Draftboard

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May 3, 2024
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Zach Roseman
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In today's digital age, companies are increasingly turning to referral programs to attract top talent and acquire new customers. These programs offer a win-win scenario: companies gain valuable connections from trusted sources, and consumers earn rewards for spreading the word about products, services, and job opportunities.

But what if the traditional referral bonuses you've encountered seem underwhelming? Have you ever signed up for a new credit card with a Capital One Venture X referral bonus or recommend a friend to Uber and earn an Uber referral bonus, only to receive a modest reward?
There's so many other examples such as Chime referral bonus, Sofi referral bonus & Chase referral bonus.

Welcome to Draftboard, the platform that takes referral programs to the next level.

Draftboard: Where Referral Programs Get Supercharged

Draftboard connects companies offering lucrative referral bonuses with individuals like you (Scouts). As a Scout, you leverage your existing network to connect qualified candidates with these high-paying referral opportunities. This shift in focus – from generic consumer products to targeted job placements – unlocks a whole new level of earning potential for you, while simultaneously providing companies with a valuable pool of pre-vetted candidates.

Why Draftboard is the Ultimate Referral Program Platform:

  • Unmatched Earning Potential: Forget the limited bonuses offered by many traditional programs. Here's the secret: referral bonuses for jobs are typically much higher than those for consumer products or services. Draftboard boasts positions with referral bonuses that surpass industry giants like Capital One Venture X, Uber, Chime, SoFi, and Chase. Imagine the difference between a $20 referral bonus for signing up for a new credit card and a potential referral bonus in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars for referring a qualified candidate who gets hired for a high-paying position.

  • Targeted Opportunities: Gone are the days of generic job postings. On Draftboard, you can easily find companies with open positions and high-value referral programs that perfectly align with your network's skillsets and interests. This targeted approach allows you to make effective recommendations and maximize your earning potential.

Here's how it works: Let's say you have a friend who's a talented graphic designer. Traditional referral programs might offer bonuses for referring them to online design software, but that might not be as lucrative or impactful as what you could find on Draftboard. With Draftboard, you could discover open positions at design agencies or tech startups that are actively seeking qualified graphic designers and offering substantial referral bonuses for successful placements.

  • Effortless Sharing: Spreading the word about these exceptional opportunities is simple! Draftboard provides unique referral links for each shared job opening. This allows you to track which candidates applied through your network and ensures you get credit for successful referrals. The platform streamlines the process, making it easy for you to share and earn.

Imagine you discover a perfect graphic design opening on Draftboard with a referral bonus of $1,000. You can easily share this opportunity with your graphic designer friend through a unique referral link. If your friend applies through your link, gets shortlisted, and ultimately lands the job, you earn the $1,000 bonus!

  • Maximize Your Earnings: The more qualified candidates you refer who get hired, the more you can earn. Draftboard empowers you to become a referral powerhouse, leveraging your network to generate significant income. Here's the key: Quality matters. By referring qualified candidates who are a good fit for the position, you increase their chances of getting hired, which ultimately benefits everyone involved. Companies get exceptional talent, candidates land their dream jobs, and you earn a well-deserved referral bonus.

Join the Scout Movement and Help Your Network Thrive

Imagine the satisfaction of helping a friend land their dream job while earning a substantial referral bonus. Draftboard makes it possible.

Benefits for Scouts:

  • Turn Your Network into Cash: Leverage your connections and generate additional income by referring qualified candidates for high-paying positions. By becoming a Scout, you monetize your network while helping others achieve their career goals.

  • Empower Your Network: Help friends and colleagues find fulfilling career opportunities with companies offering generous referral bonuses. By becoming a Scout, you play a vital role in their success. You become a valuable resource, connecting them with the right opportunities and potentially changing their career trajectory for the better.

  • Simple and Flexible: Draftboard is user-friendly and requires minimal time commitment. Share jobs on your own terms and watch your earnings grow. It's a flexible way to supplement your income and contribute to your network's success. You can become a Scout in your spare time, choosing the opportunities you want to share based on your network and interests.

  • Build Your Reputation and Network: As a successful Scout, you can build your reputation and get more companies to view your candidates over other scouts.

Don't settle for the limitations of traditional referral programs. With Draftboard, you can leverage your network to connect qualified candidates with high-paying job opportunities, earning substantial referral bonuses in the process.

Become a Scout today, empower your network, and unlock a new level of earning potential. Head over to Draftboard and join the growing community of individuals who are making a difference in their networks and their wallets!

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