How to Build a Thriving Side-Hustle By Sharing Jobs

Empowering Your Side-Hustle Journey by Turning Connections into Opportunties

June 17, 2024
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Sam Goldberg
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With side hustles/additional income streams becoming increasingly popular, Draftboard allows anyone the opportunity to build their side hustle.

You can turn your network into a thriving side hustle by referring people to jobs and earning money when they get hired. Good at digital marketing? Leverage your skills by referring your links to the masses. A social media expert? Leverage your ability to generate views by sharing your job links. There are so many examples of how to do this, we’re going to explore more!

How Scouts Can Leverage Draftboard

As a Scout on Draftboard, your job is to share job openings with people you know. When someone you refer gets hired, you earn a referral fee. It's that simple! You don't need to spend much time or learn new skills. Just use your existing network and watch your side hustle grow all by sharing links.

Balancing Scout Activities with Other Commitments

One great thing about being a Scout on Draftboard is that it doesn't take much time. You can balance your Scout activities with other commitments like work, school, or family. Here are some tips:

  1. Set aside a few minutes each day: Spend just 10-15 minutes daily to check for new job openings and share them.
  2. Use your downtime: Share job openings during breaks, while commuting, or during other free moments.
  3. Automate where possible: Set up newsletters or social media posts to go out automatically.

Ways to Distribute Your Referral Links

To maximize your potential earnings & draw the most applications to your links, it's important to share your referral links widely. Here are some effective ways to distribute them:

  1. Newsletters: Have a newsletter? Consider adding a job board. We’ve seen scouts with large newsletters generate a ton of demand by doing so.
  2. LinkedIn Groups: Share links in relevant LinkedIn groups where people might be looking for jobs.
  3. LinkedIn Outreach: Send direct messages to people looking for a new job offering them a referral to a company. 
  4. WhatsApp Groups: Share job openings in WhatsApp groups you are part of.
  5. Slack Channels: Post job links in Slack channels, especially in professional or community groups. There are many Slack channels with thousands of people. Pick your niche, join a group, and get posting!
  6. TikTok: Create short, engaging videos about job openings and share your referral links. Does your content talk about careers, tech, HR or anything else, sharing your jobs with your audience is a great free way to grow your reach and generate applicants. 
  7. Instagram: Similar to TikTok, utilizing Reels is a free way to expand your reach and create “candidate leads” for open jobs.
  8. Twitter (X): Another social angle where there are threads or hashtags of people always looking for a new career. Capitalize on this by sharing your link.

Tips for Diversifying Referral Efforts

To increase your chances of earning more, try diversifying your referral efforts. Here are some tips:

  1. Mix it up: Use different platforms to share job openings. Don’t rely on just one.
  2. Engage with your audience: Respond to comments and messages. Build a rapport with your network.
  3. Stay consistent: Regularly check for new job openings and share them.
  4. Track your progress: Keep track of which platforms and methods work best for you and focus on them.
  5. Generate a new audience: Using social media, you’re able to expand your audience and reach more potential candidates.

Long-Term Sustainability and Growth Opportunities

Having a side-hustle on Draftboard is not just about making quick money. While it’s possible your first few candidates can get hired, it's about building a sustainable secondary income stream. Here’s how you can ensure long-term success:

  1. Stay updated: Keep an eye on new job openings and trends in your industry. The Draftboard team is posting new jobs daily.
  2. Expand your network: Continuously grow your network by connecting with more people.
  3. Learn and adapt: Pay attention to what works and what doesn’t. Adjust your strategies accordingly.
  4. Build a reputation: Be known as a reliable source of job opportunities. People will start coming to you for referrals.


Building a thriving side-hustle with Draftboard is a fantastic way to monetize your network and grow your income. By balancing your Scout activities with other commitments, effectively distributing your referral links, diversifying your efforts, and focusing on long-term sustainability, you can turn your Draftboard side-hustle into a reliable source of extra income.

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