Break the NFL record and win $10,000!

REcord holders




How it works

The Record Breaker banner showcases each sport’s current prize and record score. Play in any contest in a sport to qualify for that sport’s Record Breaker prize. If your lineup scores higher than the record score for that sport, you win the prize!

The not actually fine print

A user’s lineup is eligible for the Record Breaker promotion in a specific sport on a specific day if that lineup is present in a completed contest in that sport on that day.

Record score is defined as the point total listed on that sport’s banner when your contest is completed. For NFL contests which settle on Monday, the record score may differ from what was listed in the lobby on Thursday.

If the lineup of more than one user records a score which exceeds the current record for that specific sport all such users will share the prize equally. In cases where the record score in a sport is zero the user(s) with the highest scoring lineup will receive 100% of the prize.

Governing rules and eligibility for our Record Breaker Competition are subject to the terms outlined in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Draftboard shall have the sole discretion of determining its game rules and selecting winners of these contests. Further, Draftboard shall be the sole arbiter of disputes over who wins each contest.