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Sep 27, 2017

New Daily Fantasy Sports Site Levels the Playing Field

State of the art platform pairs streamlined entry process with innovative new features

(Paso Robles, CA, September 27, 2017) - Today, Draftboard has launched its new daily fantasy sports site. Draftboard brings several industry firsts including Fair Match, a unique entry system that ensures a level playing field for both single and multi-entry users, and Draftboard’s Live Section, which allows users to watch their entire team compete on one field through the use of dynamic player animations.

"Draftboard’s mission is simple: provide the absolute best environment for daily fantasy sports fans to compete in.” said Draftboard CEO and co-founder Dan Quinn. “That mission starts with tackling the competitive imbalances that existing sites have been slow to address.”

Draftboard’s Fair Match contest structure features:

  • separate low and high stakes lobbies which prevent users from playing $50 and $1 contests on the same day in a given sport.
  • contests formed using a random opponent selection process that eliminates the problem of experienced pros targeting new players.
  • an innovative Multi-entry system which matches first entries in a contest with other first entries, second entries with second entries, and third versus third.

"When you’re drafting a team and entering contests, the only opponents you should need to think about are the ones on the field,” said co-founder Phil Galfond. "Fans have been up against some pretty steep odds in this industry. We're giving them another option.”

Once games kick off, Draftboard's Live section gives users a front row seat to follow the action. "Our live animations play out every time your players are involved in the action, so you can watch your QB throw deep down the field and sweat it out as the receiver tries to haul it in," said Quinn. "You can even add an opponent's lineup to follow the players you're rooting against."

Draftboard launches with two key promotions. The Dollar and a Dream promotion gives every new user $1 with no deposit required. Users can then enter any contest they like and automatically qualify for the Record Breaker promotion, which awards $10,000 anytime the current NFL record score is broken.

"We want feedback from as many users as possible. We want to keep improving their experience," said Quinn. ”That’s why we're handing out a dollar to anyone who wants it.”

"And they might want to experience it sooner than later," added Galfond. "The current Draftboard NFL record is zero. Someone's winning $10k on Sunday."

Dan Quinn