Apr 17, 2018


The NBA playoffs are officially underway, and this weekend gave us our initial look at what we can expect. There were three blowouts this weekend, this first one coming from the Golden State Warriors. Questions have surrounded the Warriors heading into these playoffs regarding whether or not they are still the dominant force we have come to expect the last three years. They sure looked the part on Saturday as they beat the Spurs 113-92. Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson led the charge for the Warriors with 24 points each. Durant added eight rebounds and seven assists to that stat line for a total of 46.1 basketball fantasy points. The Spurs will need to rebound better if they want any chance at this series, as they had zero second-chance points in game one. The second blowout of the weekend was a bit more surprising. The 76ers extended their win streak to 17 with a 130-103 victory over the Heat. Ben Simmons had a magnificent game with 17 points and 14 assists. As we discussed last week Embiid was absent in the contest and his return date is still unknown. The last blowout was perhaps the most surprising. The Pacers laid a 98-80 whooping on the Cavs. LeBron still managed a triple-double in the game and posted 57 fantasy basketball points. However, Oladipo had a monster 32 point game for the Pacers as they took a 1-0 series lead. While this was a surprising beatdown of a LeBron-led team, I wouldn't count on the Cavs going away to easily.

In other games this weekend, the 6th ranked Pelicans defeated the 3rd ranked Trailblazers 97-95. Anthony Davis had a monster 35 points, 14 rebounds, and 68.3 fantasy basketball points. The Trailblazers will need to figure out how to slow down 'Brow in game two or they could be in danger of dropping both of their home games. The Timberwolves came very close to upsetting the top-seeded Rockets, falling short in a 104-101 game. The Timberwolves spread the love around as five players recorded double-digit points, and four players had at least 15 points. KAT scored only eight points in the loss and will need to be more aggressive in future games if the Timberwolves expect to upset the Rockets. Harden had a usual Harden game with 44 points on seven of twelve from beyond the arc as he continues to carry the Rockets.

The Celtics and the Bucks played the most exciting game this weekend. Khris Middleton hit a deep three at the buzzer for the Bucs to send the game to overtime. However, the Celtics outplayed Milwaukee in the extra minutes and survived with a 113-107 victory. It was really a five-man effort for the Celtics, as only 6 points were scored outside of Horford, Rozier, Brown, Tatum, and Morris. The Bucs showed they have the ability to beat the Celtics and will look to even the series at one game a piece on Tuesday.

The first weekend of playoff basketball was as exciting as you could hope for, with a few upsets mixed in. Make sure you continue to draft your Fantasy Basketball teams at Draftboard while enjoying these first round games.

Dan Quinn