Apr 03, 2018


The NBA regular season ends next Wednesday and teams have anywhere from four to six games left. Usually, at this point in the season, the playoff picture is pretty much set. This year, however, it is far from so. In a year where everyone thought the Cavs and Warriors would just be write in’s for the championship series and there was no need for a regular season, the regular season has in fact been more exciting than in any recent year. The Spurs and the Thunder sit in spots four and five in the Western Conference and look safe for the playoffs barring a major meltdown in the last week. But they could very well end up anywhere from spots four through eight, and that is huge because the four spot provides home court advantage in the first round. Taking a look at their final games, the Thunder have four left while the Spurs have five left and a half-game lead over the Thunder. The Thunder have to take on the Warriors and Rockets this week before finishing up with the Heat and the Grizzlies. The Warriors have been struggling but are getting back to full strength, the Rockets are the best team in basketball, and the Heat are battling out for playoff positioning in the East, so the Thunder have a tough finish. The Spurs have three tough games left against the Clippers, Portland, and New Orleans, as well as two easier games against the Lakers and Kings. Keep an eye on those two teams to see where they wind up after next Wednesday.

The Clippers and Nuggets still sit on the outside looking in as the season winds down. The Nuggets are a game out of a playoff spot and have a very exciting finish. They play four playoff teams and the Clippers who sit a game behind them. Most intriguing is the fact that they play the Timberwolves two times in those final five games. The Timberwolves are in the seventh spot and only a game and a half ahead of the Nuggets. If the Nuggets can win both of those games, they have a very good shot at sneaking into the playoffs. The Timberwolves have already beat the Nuggets twice, and Karl-Anthony Towns had a double-double and 48 fantasy basketball points in both games. The Clippers have an equally exciting finish. They too have five games remaining, the first four are against Western Conference playoff teams and the last is against the Lakers. So while it won’t be an easy road, at least they have some control of their own destiny playing the Pelicans, Jazz and the Nuggets. Their Saturday game against the Nuggets will probably be the end of one of the two teams’ playoff hopes. The Clippers have won both of their match-ups this year, Lou Williams put up 25 points and 47 fantasy basketball points in the second one of those games. 

Now that March Madness is over (congrats Nova), it is time to focus in on the exciting season finish. Who gets in, who falls out, and who is going to play who? Draft your Fantasy Basketball teams at Draftboard in this final week of play and don’t forget that our $10K first prize Dynasty contest continues past the regular season.

Dan Quinn