Apr 23, 2018


A week into the NBA playoffs its time to break down where all the series sit and how each team looks moving forward. We will begin in the West where the only sweep in this first round took place. It wasn't the top seed Rockets, it wasn't the returning Champion Warriors, it was the sixth-seeded Pelicans. The Pelicans walked all over the Trailblazers in this first-round series. Anthony Davis was virtually unstoppable with double-digit rebounds in all four games, and 47 points in game four where he notched 68.7 fantasy basketball points. Jrue Holiday and Rajon Rondo also had big first-rounds. Rondo had 16 assists in game one and 17 in game four, and Jrue had a season-high 41 point game in that game four. They will likely face the Warriors in the next round where they will need to shut down another great backcourt if they want a shot at the upset. Both the Rockets and the Warriors have dropped a game in their first round. The Rockets have a 2-1 lead with game four being played tonight in Minnesota, the Warriors have a 3-1 lead as they head back to California for game five. Expect the Warriors and Rockets to rebound from their losses and close these series' out in five games. The only series that feels up for grabs in the West is the Thunder-Jazz showdown. After the Thunder took game one, the Jazz have won two straight for a 2-1 series lead. Rubio recorded his first triple-double of the season in game three and put up a season-high 59.2 fantasy basketball points. Game four is tonight in Utah as Westbrook and the Thunder look to avoid a 3-1 series deficit.

The East is a lot tighter than the West is. The 76ers are the only team that seems to have the series locked up. After splitting the two games in Philly, they went to Miami and won both of those games. Redick had a team-high 24 points in game four as Philadelphia looks like they will probably take this series in five. The other three matchups in the East are all locked up at two games apiece. The Celtics and the Raptors dropped both road games as they head back home with matchups looking a lot different than they did when they left. Beal and Wall have turned it up for the Wizards in the last two games, combining for 56 points in game three and 58 points in game four. They'll need to keep up the dominance to be able to carry these eighth-seeded Wizards past the top-seeded Raptors. Middleton has been big for the Bucks in their comeback against the Celtics, scoring 23 points in their two wins while posting 48.1 and 43.2 fantasy basketball points. The Cavs and the Pacers have been trading punches to get to their locked up 2-2 series. LeBron James had the best game of these playoffs thus far in game two, putting up 46 points and 12 rebounds for 70.9 total fantasy basketball points. The series heads to Cleveland as the Cavs look to string back to back wins together and take the series lead. All three of these first-round matchups have the potential to go all seven games which is unusual for the first-round series'. 

We are just a week into the Playoffs and there has been no shortage of surprises. Get your line ups in and watch them score points in real time at Draftboard Live.  

Dan Quinn