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May 29, 2018

Dynasty Established - Greg Takes Home $10k

Last night brought our season long NBA Dynasty contest to a close as the final DFS slate of the NBA season played out. Our goal with the NBA Dynasty was to create a way to merge the positives of a season long league that many cut their teeth in well before DFS even existed with the rigors and enjoyment of creating a new lineup each and every night. We managed to do this by combining your 10 highest scores throughout the season to achieve your Dynasty score.

Our hats are off to Draftboard user “Greg” who took first place in this inaugural Dynasty season by a scant 6.2 points! His march to the top of the leaderboard was built on consistently solid high scores beginning as far back as November 3rd when he scored 337.3 points. Second place was user “Kanye” who saw a number of high scores throughout the season including one magical night on January 30th 2018 where he nearly reached that mythical 400 point performance. Last on the podium is user “Nemo” who, like his first place counterpart, built his Dynasty score through a series of season long consistent performances falling just 45 points out of the top spot. Take a look at all the scores here.

Dan Quinn