May 25, 2018


The Warriors lost game five last night and now trail their first playoff series since the Western Conference Finals in 2016 when they were 3-1 down to the Thunder. After the Warriors split the first two games in Houston, then won by 40 points in their first home game most people thought this was going to be another Dub’s cakewalk. Then Iguodala injured his knee and sat game four opening the door slightly for the Rockets. Heading into that game 4 fourth quarter the Warriors led by ten points at home. They then scored a measly 12 fourth-quarter points and gave the game to the Rockets. Iguodala missed last night's game five and the Rockets squeaked out a 98-94 victory to take an improbable series lead. 

The Rockets win last night was in large part due to Eric Gordon’s 24 points off the bench which helped in his 39 fantasy point performance. The Rockets did receive some bad news after their win in that Chris Paul will miss game six with a hamstring injury. This is certainly a concern as Paul has already lost game time this season with that same injury. With Iguodala now back expect the Warriors to settle and win game six at home. This will lead to a big game seven on Monday between the most dominant force in the West and a Rockets team "obsessed with beating the Warriors"

In the East the Celtics lead the Cavs three games to two and no road team has yet stolen one. Game six will be played in Cleveland tonight and if the Celtics can manage to win then LeBron will miss his first finals in seven years. Think about that for a moment. After taking a 2-0 series lead Boston coughed up the two games in Cleveland and needed a big win in game five to slow down the LeBron train. Game 5 and the Celts took an early lead and never looked back. Tatum led the team with 24 points on 3-7 from beyond the arch, Tatum's first game this series with 20 or more points. It was also his highest scoring fantasy performance of the series with 54.4 fantasy basketball points. Morris and Smart each had 13 bench points on 3-6 from three-point land. This series is headed back to Cleveland for game six, and the Celtics look like two different teams at home and on the road, so all signs are pointing at this series going seven. There is some irony in that the two teams that made that blockbuster Kyrie and Isaiah Thomas deal this offseason, now playing for a shot at the finals are without either of the two men from that trade. We at Draftboard are hoping to see this series go seven, because if the Celtics win tonight the NBA fantasy season is over. This is playoff basketball and who knows what could transpire, so get your lineups in tonight as this might be the last Fantasy Basketball team you can put together at Draftboard for a while.

Dan Quinn