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Jan 26, 2018

NBA Weekly Review Jan 26, 2018

With the All-Star break around the corner, it sure felt like a few guys were trying to make their case as to why they should have been picked. On Wednesday rookie phenom Ben Simmons notched a triple-double in just under 22 minutes. That is the third fastest time to a triple-double, just a few minutes off of Westbrook’s 19-minute triple-double last season. Simmons finished the night with 19 points, 17 rebounds, and 14 assists in his fifth triple-double of the season. On that same night, Andre Drummond (another guy on the bubble who missed being named an all-star) went off for 30 points and 24 rebounds. Drummond only managed four assists so he fell well short of any triple-double action, but he did have six blocks to round out the healthy stat line.

However, the biggest game of the week didn’t come from an All-Star snub. It came on Monday courtesy of Demarcus Cousins. Cousins finished the night with a historic 44 points, 24 rebounds, and 10 assists, a stat line that hasn’t been seen since Wilt Chamberlin put up 53-32-14 in 1968. Those of you who were smart (or a little lucky) enough to roster him were rewarded with 96.6 fantasy points on Draftboard.

This week’s big surprise performance came on Monday from Jerian Grant of the Bulls. Grant saw some extra minutes due to the game going into overtime and made the most of it. Jerian was six of seven from the field including a perfect two for two from beyond the arc for 22 points. Grant also picked up 13 assists and five rebounds, all well above his season averages, to finish with 50.5 fantasy points. That all coming from a guy who is averaging less than 20 fantasy points a game this season, so hats off to those of you who rostered him on Monday.

We also got to a see a very historical achievement reached this week. No, I’m not talking about Lebron, I’m talking about the Lakers and their free throw shooting last Friday. The Lakers were sent to the line 14 times and only managed to sink two of the freebies. The Lakers still managed to beat Indiana, which means their .143 free throw percentage was the worst ever in a winning effort. In fact, only the Toronto Raptors have ever shot a worse percentage when they went 0-3 from the line in 1996.

Ok, now we can talk about Lebron. He reached the 30,000-point mark on Tuesday, becoming only the seventh player to do so, and the youngest player to reach the milestone at just 33 years and 24 days. And who was the first to congratulate the King? Well the King himself. Lebron congratulated himself on Instagram Tuesday morning on the achievement to come. That’s right, not only did he feel the need to publically congratulate himself, but he did so hours before actually scoring his 30,000th point. While that move caused a big stir in the “Twittersphere” when you join the ranks of Kareem, Malone, Kobe, Jordan, Chamberlin, and Nowitzki you’re free to do whatever you want in my book. Congrats Lebron. 

Dan Quinn