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Feb 16, 2018

Dynasty Leader Board At The All-Star Break

Here at Draftboard we firmly believe in capping all of our contests at ten users. We do this to allow our users the opportunity to just enter one lineup and not feel lost in a contest with thousands of other entries. One by-product of having smaller contest sizes is the fact that we can’t award thousands of dollars in contest rewards. To make up for this, and give users the shot at big money, we have created side tournaments and rewards. For the NFL we had the Record Breaker. The idea was simple, in any given week if anyone topped the season high in fantasy points they won $10,000, and their score was the new season high to beat. For the NBA season, we mixed things up a bit and created Dynasty. This is a season-long contest where every user’s top ten fantasy scores are added up, and the top ten users at the end of the season win cash prizes. The first place user takes home a check for $10,000. This has been a fun contest for us to watch here at Draftboard, and now that we’ve reached the All-Star break we can take a second to analyze the leader board.

Everyone on the leader board has crossed the 3,000 points mark, which means to get on the leader board now you have to average better than 300 points across your top ten scores. The difference between the first place Kanye and tenth place Eglow is less than 180 points, this means there will likely still be a lot of shifting in the standings. One interesting trend throughout the leader board is that eight of the players on the leader board have a high score from January 30th, and all but one have a high score from January 22nd. What were these dates? Well on the 22nd Cousins has his 44-point, 24-rebound triple-double, and a week later on the 30th Harden had his 60-point triple-double. Those two performances are the two highest scoring nights of any NBA player this season, with Cousins cashing in 97.8 fantasy points and Harden topping it with 98.5 fantasy points, so it is not much of a surprise we see those two days show up across our leader board.

The highest overall score on the leaderboard comes from second place Greg who put up 390.8 fantasy points on Cousins’ big night. Greg sits 12.3 points out of first place and the $10,000 prize that comes with it. The good news for Greg is that he has four sub-300 point nights, which is more than any of the other players in the top eight of the leaderboard, so he still has a lot of upward room to climb. The bad news for Greg is that Nemo sits just .4 points behind him in third place, so he is holding onto his second place spot by a very small margin. That’s a potential drop from $6,000 to $4,000 so he’s got a pretty big incentive to put together a few more good nights down the stretch.

With the NBA playoff roughly two months away there is more than enough time to try and piece together a few big nights and crack the leader board. Eglow who sits in 10th place has put four of his top performances in the last week alone. This contest will be running through the NBA playoffs so users will have all those games to add to their Dynasty score. Good luck to everyone on the leader board hoping to stay there, and to all the hopefuls looking to crack the leader board in these next two months. 

Dan Quinn