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Dec 28, 2017

Week 17 NFL Preview

Week 17, the final week of the NFL season is officially upon us. Week 17 can be one of two things for teams. The game either doesn’t matter at all and the stars will be watching the game on TV, or the team’s playoff hopes hang on this final game. For daily fantasy it is crucial you know what players will and will not be on the field this week.

Some notable players to stay away from including Gurley, Bell, and Hunt as this game has little to no playoff implications for their respective teams. Their quarterbacks Jared Goff, Big Ben, and Alex Smith will also probably be watching the game from the sideline. DeAndre Hopkins might miss his first regular season game of his career this week with a calf injury. With the Texans sitting at 4-11 there is no need for Hopkins to push his limits. This week is where skill can really be showcased in the DFS world, by picking and choosing what backups could have big games that you might be able to snag for cheap.

Along with all those stars sitting out, there are also quite a few big names playing in real meaningful games this week. The Chargers, Bills, and Seahawks are all on the outside looking in heading into the final week. While the Titans, Ravens, and Falcons all need to win to guarantee a playoff spot. And although the Panthers and Saints have clinched a playoff berth, this week will determine the NFC South champ. The Panthers need a win and a Saints loss to claim their fourth NFC South title in five years. 

Dan Quinn