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Nov 27, 2017

The NFL Record Has Been Broken

A new NFL record has been set! Helped by massive games from Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, and Alvin Kamara, Draftboard user “Nathan” put up 184.66 points in today’s Sunday slate, earning him a cool $10k off a mere $2 buy-in. Nathan rounded out his record setting lineup with solid showings from Jared Goff, Rex Burkhead, Sammy Watkins, and Jimmy Graham, with the sole poor performance coming from $3k throw in TE Austin Traylor. Draftboard CEO Dan Quinn caught up with Nathan the day after his big win.

Dan: What was your thought process when you built your lineup?

Nathan: I threw it together about an hour before kickoff without giving too much thought to be honest. I felt good about the Rams bouncing back versus the Saints with Lattimore not playing so I stacked Goff with Watkins. Kamara, Julio and Antonio are always possible explosion candidates so I went with them and filled in the rest of the lineup with players I liked.

Dan: Must have been an exciting Sunday, any moments stand out?

Nathan: I wasn’t paying too much attention to football since I went to the Wolves versus Suns matinee game while the football games were being played. The Wolves won so that was exciting. I waited to check my daily lineups until after the Sunday night game and saw a few goose eggs. Thought I had a pretty nice lineup on Draftboard but didn’t think it would be close to taking down the $10k. Woke up on Monday morning to an email saying I won. Thought it was a dream at first but I am starting to think that I might not be dreaming anymore.

Dan: How are you planning on spending your winnings?

Nathan: Set aside a bit for taxes and spend the rest on Bitcoin over the next few months.

Dan: What do you like best about DFS on Draftboard?

Nathan: Favorite part is not having to draft a kicker or a defense.

Dan: Any tips for other Draftboard users?

Nathan: I’ve played DFS for years and never had a score for much more than $100. Tried a couple of new small sites this year. Try to stick to the small sites if you want a chance to stay competitive.

Our NFL Record Breaker promotion runs all the way up to the Super Bowl there is plenty of time to build a line up, set the high score and win $10,000. View full details at our Record Breaker page.

Dan Quinn