how to play


Create a lineup

Create a lineup to kick things off. Players listed in the Available Players list will accrue fantasy points for today’s games based on each sport’s Scoring System. Fill out your roster with players you think represent good value for their salary and hit save to lock in your lineup. Just remember to stay under the salary cap!


Enter contests

The Rookie Lobby is where you want to be for $1 through $5 contests, with $10 and up contests found in the Veteran Lobby. If you’re new to daily fantasy sports try our $1 Beginner 50/50s, located in the Rookie Lobby. At game time Draftboard uses Fair Match to place you in a contest against randomly selected, unique opponents from the same contest type. Learn more about Fair Match


Watch live

Once your contests have started head over to our Live section which features jaw dropping animations that track your players’ progress in real time. No need to open another browser tab, we’ll show you every touchdown, alley oop, and home run as they happen.