Welcome to Draftboard, the product of over two years of development focused on a singular goal: to provide the absolute best environment for daily fantasy sports fans to compete in. The following three principles guide everything we do at Draftboard:

Our mission

Keep it Simple

When the question “Who you got going for you tonight?” becomes difficult to answer without a spreadsheet, the core of daily fantasy sports has been lost. Draftboard’s streamlined lobby and one lineup per sport policy allow you to focus on putting your best eight players on the field.

Keep it Fair

A daily fantasy sports site’s policies for preventing pros from playing with beginning players should be effective and easily understood. Draftboard’s Fair Match system features separate lobbies for low and high stakes and a revolutionary multi-entry system that levels the daily fantasy sports playing field.

Keep you Connected

On December 6th, 2015, Wesley Matthews dropped 36 on the Wizards and single handedly willed my injury riddled lineup to a win. I’ve never met Wesley, but on that night, he was my best friend. Draftboard connects you to your players through industry firsts such as our live section and its groundbreaking real-time player animations.

We hope you enjoy playing on Draftboard as much as we enjoyed building it.
Dan Quinn
CEO, Draftboard.com